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Online Bingo – A Game for Fun with Huge Prizes

Online Bingo is played based on the same principle as how it is played in Bingo halls but the difference is in calling the numbers. While in traditional Bingo, a person picks out a number from a bingo machine and calls them, the computer des the job in online bingo. The other difference is that you might opt for the computer to mark the number pattern instead of you manually doing it. Online Bingo is great fun to play and is so easy. Here are some reasons why online Bingo is fun.

Unlike other forms of online gambling, online bingo is not a costly game. It costs only less but the amount of prize money that the players win is huge. In traditional Bingo, silence has to be maintained while the game is going on on but in online bingo, it is not necessary. In fact, players have the facility

To chat in chat rooms to get to know each other. Another pleasant feature is marking off the numbers.Traditional Bingo needs the players to mark off the numbers while it is called. So, much attention is required to play the game. But in online bingo, players can select the auto mark off feature to allow .

The computer to mark the numbers for them.The number of choices in online bingo is much more than traditional bingo. With a wide variety and variation in online bingo, attracting more fans from across the world.Online Bingo has become one of the popular platforms for socializing with the introduction of chat rooms.

Playing Online Bingo

The basics of Bingo is very easy as the game itself is very simple. Each player is supposed to buy tickets that has a random selection of number between 1 and 75 or, 1 and 90. This selection is based on the Bingo style being played. Players mark the number being ‘called’ in their cards and the one who finishes a sequence completely is declared the winner of the game. Online Bingo is played in the same way as traditional bingo. Making use of the online Bingo differs based on the sites like http://www.paypalbingosites.net/review/ted-bingo/ where the user has registered in.

All the good bingo sites have a set of guides to explain to the users on how the software works and how to carry out the money transactions to proceed with the game.

Online Bingo Features

Though there are many online bingo games in the internet, they offer different set of features to entertain the players. Some of the common features are

Auto Daubing

Auto Daubing is an automatic feature provided by many of the online sites where the numbers are auto marked. This is helpful when the player has bought many tickets and is not manageable. One more advantage is that even One more advantage though marking numbers can be left out in manual marking, automatic daubing is accurate in marking them.This is helpful when the player has bought many tickets and is not manageable. One more advantage is that even though marking numbers can be left out in manual marking, automatic daubing is accurate in marking the manual marking, automatic daubing is accurate in marking them.accurate in marking them.

Card Sorting

Best Card Sorting is one of the best options to have the tickets organized in the order of their performance. If the player is using several tickets while playing, the sorting keeps the ‘potential’cards in track .

Progressive Jackpots

In progressive Jackpots, one can win a big money with lower stakes. The online Bingo puts all the small portions of money from the players and puts them as a single jackpot to win. The jackpot grows rapidly as the prize money is huge.


The crucial feature of online bingo is chat. There is no good bingo site without this chat feature. The virtual chat rooms allow the users to communicate with each other and one can make online friends. There is also a glossary of words that one can make use of in these chats that are specific to the bingo game. There are moderators who are present in the chat rooms to supervise the chats. Some of the etiquettes are
  • Not to use indecent words or bad language
  • Not to threaten others or play foul
  • Not to call by using nick names that could be a cause of offense
  • Not to impersonate others
  • Should respect the moderator’s authority.